Mobile Phone Insurance Programme Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. EIP has created template models for different types of tender exercises and we can work with you to create the tender request, identify potential candidates and then to evaluate responses on an objective, points-based matrix.
EIP’s experience is derived from working with MDI in more than 30 countries across 5 continents. This gives us a unique insight into the insurance products and business models which are successful and those which fail. As you consider your program, it makes sense to call on the broadest experience possible, using best-in-class models, to advise and support you. We often still work with local partners where required to ensure the correct fit – legally, culturally and operationally - with your local market.
This is a question we get in every country! In reality our MDI statistical data shows that it’s not the case, and claims rates from country-to-country in most cases do not vary wildly. That said, it is still important to have the correct protections in place.
Yes. We have extensive experience in successful cascade training for MDI sales. These models have been developed and refined across more than 10 years. This combined with detailed tracking and analysis of sales as well as low-cost, high-impact incentives can all make a very significant and longstanding difference to sales levels.
EIP will use best-in-class examples from around the world to help you create the most compelling, unique and competitive products in your market. We hold more than 10 years’ worth of data on millions of MDI claims across more than 20 countries. Using this we can provide you with safe, competitive pricing for your preferred products. This pricing can then be taken to an insurer for discussion. Once you have your product design and price, we can help you find the best suppliers for the various support services, and then to develop and implement the product launch plan. Using EIP our clients have shortened the time needed for successful deployment of MDI by up to 80% as well as making very significant cost savings at the same time.
Yes. We have relationships with many insurers who are interested in MDI. We can even help you construct the proposal/request to the insurer.
There is a large supply chain for an MDI program: Insurer, Claims handler, Distributor, Warehousing, Shipping, Salvage Agent and more. The systems used by each of these suppliers need to speak to each other to ensure a seamless and efficient service for the customer. Our platform, ‘CIAD’, is web-based and makes the connection of the entire supply chain very simple. Normally we can introduce a new program using CIAD in 4 weeks. Also, CIAD massively improves the real-time visibility of your program’s performance, and offers you a huge variety of configurable controls to improve your costs and protect against fraud. To date, our clients who have used CIAD have found that the cost savings they enjoy are many times more than the (low) cost of the system. Finally, CIAD is totally independent, and can even be hosted on your own servers if you wish, meaning that you, not a third party, control your customer data.
Yes. All MDI programs attract fraud and over the last 10 years we have become very skilled at developing mechanisms to combat this on a real-time basis, whilst not inconveniencing the vast majority of honest customers. To handle fraud effectively, you need a combination of good product design, sophisticated claims handling processes and real-time database feedback.
There is nothing to be lost by speaking to us. It may be true that your MDI program is fully optimised for profit and customer service, but in our experience this is rarely the case. We are happy to undertake an audit of the existing program at no cost, to provide you with details of any variance from the best-in-class performance of the most successful programs.

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