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Mobile device insurance (MDI) is a fast-growing customer service and financial product offered by many insurers, mobile network operators, retailers, banks and others.

The product is simple, however its design, implementation and management can be complex. EIP can provide you with advice and support in all aspects of the design, pricing and deployment of your MDI program. Our team has successfully launched hundreds of MDI products globally. Alternatively, if you already have an MDI program in place, then we can help you significantly improve it by minimising costs, maximising sales and enhancing customer service.


Software Applications

Virtual Systems Limited (VSL) is a sister company of EIP, offering state-of-the-art software platforms for the deployment and management of mobile device insurance programs.

By removing the need for most local systems development, the core web-based system, ‘CIAD’, allows implementation of a new program in a new country in only 4 weeks, at a fraction of the usual cost. Further, the intelligent rules engine within CIAD automates the claims handling on 83% of received claims, massively reducing call-centre costs. The system operates in 49 languages and provides you with real-time program performance data from anywhere, even through a mobile app! With built-in fraud protections, CIAD contains everything you need to quickly and cost-effectively launch a safe and successful MDI.

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